Western Cape Devolution Movement for the win!

Welcome to the new Devolution Movement in the Western Cape! Many organizations have pulled together from the New Western Cape Devolution Group! Below is the official announcement from the Western Cape Devolution Working Group!

This is really huge, firstly have a look at all the organizations that have pulled together! Even the DA is with us now! Secondly, together we will make it happen one day the Cape of Good hope will be again! Lastly, it will be that which it has always been in history beacon of light at the end of the world!!!

western cape independence!

Yes, the Western Cape is making news around the country!!! In fact, Twitter was trending the day it came out !!! Please get as many friends and family involved! We can only do this together and put a new government that works for all in place!!!

Independence for the Cape is the Clear Winner Once Again!

Western Cape Independence has come along way and we are only starting now! It is very important that everyone goes and vote in the next elections!!!

Watch the video below and learn about the new group!!!

Western Cape is going independent!

This is the last resort for all of us that still wants a country to live in that prospers! Many people say it will never happen but as things fall apart slowly there will be no other option left to us!!! The new Western Cape will be the true rainbow nation!

Western Cape Independence

Western Cape Independence Vote for Western Cape Independence!!![/caption

Follow the Cape Party and go check out their website!!! They have very good information on the site and we support them fully! They are the only political party already within the system! They have been going for many years now and have recently started growing very fast!!! More people are waking up to the idea of Western Cape Independence!!!


Cape Independence News and Stories in the Western Cape!

western cape independence!

Cape Independence News and Stories in the Western Cape!

Cape Independence News and Stories and there is a lot of new stuff going on in this country! There are scams, there are quadrillions disappearing from the state or some other conspiracies!!! You name we have it in South Africa!!!


Now, this is where we come in with the Western Cape Independence movement!!!

Things have not been getting better in this country!! For 27 years now we all have hoped for a better South Africa! Each year we all get more disappointed!!!

Try the latest from the communist ANC cadres!!! They want to prevent the private couriers to deliver parcels below 1kg! Can you believe it is crazy! Similarly, another very good reason to say good riddance to south Africa! We will not win with them!

There is a lot of new things happening in Cape Independence News!


Firstly things are not getting better anywhere in this country!!! We need to make the Western Cape the new South Africa we all believed in! Secondly, the time is running out to do so! In these municipal elections, we all need to vote for the Cape Party the only one that wants independence!!! Let’s make our voices heard and force the DA to a referendum!

Western Cape is going independent in the near future!

Here is the latest from the Cape Party Facebook page!!! This clearly explains what we are working towards!!! It looks like the best method forward! Thus, here we can really change things and make things work better and faster!!!

Go check out the Cape Party Website as well for more info on the topic! It is the best new system for the Western Cape Independence movement!!! The Western Cape will be so much better off without these Anc cadres destroying our beloved western Cape!!!



Western Cape Independence!

So most of us want a better South Africa but we can all see that it’s not going to happen! So let’s work together and make things happen here in the Western Cape!!! Join our Facebook page and invite others to join us!!!

Facebook Page-Western Cape Independence!


Independence for the Cape is the Clear Winner Once Again!

Independence movements are growing in the Western Cape!!!

Western Cape clean audit and top spot in the country!

The Western Cape hands down once again got the top spot for clean audits in the South African government! This is not surprising at all and has been like this for the last few years!!! Read the article below and learn what we all know in the Western Cape! Things work here and money gets spent on things that need it!



Western Cape Independence for the prosperous future of the Cape!

Western Cape Independence is the new movement that will be on everyone’s lips in the next few years!!! Join us at the Cape Party for more info on the movement!!! We will have a truly free and prosperous Cape for all the minorities in the area! Everyone will be equal and have the same rights! No more BBEEE and contracts and tenders going to corrupt Cadres from the north!!!

Western Cape Independence

The Western Cape is the best-run province in the country!

The Western Cape is the best run province ins the country! Here things work as they should and the money goes where it should! I am very proud to be in the Western Cape province. We need to break the DA run majority and start voting Cape Party so that we can force the DA to run a referendum in the near future, where we as the people of the western cape will have a vote to leave south Africa!

Western Cape Independence will happen because we will not have a choice!

Western Cape Independence will happen because we will not have a choice! Things are falling apart in the north very fast! Just look and ask other people from there! I ask you how much longer you are going to hope for a better future!! Start voting Cape Party now so that we can work from within the system to make things better!!!

Things are falling apart very fast indeed in the North!

Check out the Western Cape Independence new BlogPost at the bottom!!! They have more info and interesting articles there as well!!

Hope you enjoyed the read please follow and share the content!!!


We have no future with the ANC in charge of the Western Cape!!!

And in fact, we have been struggling under them! Things would have been way better already were we in charge of our own transport and electricity!!! The only province in the country that is ready with money to put up Green Solar projects can you believe it!!! Yes, we have municipality’s that are ready with the money to start building their own green power!!!


Please Vote for Cape Independence Party to make a difference in the Cape!!!

western cape independence!


Western Cape Independence!


Western Cape Independence Drive!

 Western Cape Independence Party in Capetown!

Yeah, the Cape Party has been rocking it out this weekend in Cape town! This year will be different at the polls! More people are waking up to the idea of Western Cape Independence as the last option we have left!

The ANC is corrupt and has ruined the country, brought it to its knees! The Cape has been the last man standing in almost 30 years fighting against the new regime!!! The end is near in total chaos or Western Cape Independence for the win!

The Cape wants its Independence and we are here to help!!!

You decide at these municipal elections and in the next official elections! The Eastern Cape is moving into the Western Cape faster than we can build and create jobs! The Eastern Cape is falling apart because of the ANC and they are coming here! Let’s close our borders, let’s build a new Cape!!!

western cape independence!

Join the Cape Independence Party and get the newsletter for more info! Look at their mandate it is really the true Cape that we ALL want! ALL equal and moving forward together!!! We are voting very soon and it will be a very important vote for South Africa!!! The Cape Independence Party have rebranded and it’s going to make a big difference now!!! I am glad that we decided to make the change if it says more now in the name of what we want.

We will be voting on the 1 of November and it will be a great day in history for the Western Cape!!! Make sure to invite your friends to our Facebook page and our website!!! Share it with friends and family it s it the only way we will make this happen in the near future!!!

Western Cape Independence-Facebook Page

Here you will have more updates regularly about what is going on in this world and the Cape of Good Hope!!!

Cape Independence-Decline In Big Metros

Cape Independence-Decline In Big Metros

The decline in big metros is really getting very bad. There are many reports of water and roads infrastructure getting worse by the day!!! We here at western cape independence did a great road trip to Durban. The demise is clearly visible all the way!!! The is no water in the eastern cape and the poor people that voted for the ANC is worse off than ever before!!!

Western Cape Independence is coming…

Reading this article will shock you or tell you how bad it really is! Things are falling apart in one of the biggest metros in the country because of the corrupt ANC cadres!


Read that article from the politics web and you will know things are bad!!!

Just so glad we are in the Western Cape! But we don’t have much time left to change things around!!!

The corrupt ANC cadres are coming for the Western Cape too and there will be nothing left if we don’t make a quick plan to escape from them!!!

Western Cape Independence will be the only thing we have left in this country to save ourselves from the ANC corrupt Cadres!!!

Join the movement, think for yourselves and bout your future if you want to stay in this country!!! Vote Cape Party in the next local elections as we need more seats! And also they are the only party that want s independence for the western cape!!!

People say it will never happen but unfortunately for them, we might not have any other choice 5 years down the line!!!

Here is a quote from the article: “What is Johannesburg today? Technically you could argue it is a city. But only technically. In truth, it is just an idea. On the ground, in its homes and businesses, its parks and shops, it is a battleground, where you fight to keep up the pretence of order, in the face of an ever-encroaching entropy that has taken on a life of its own. Ultimately there will only be one winner. “

Check sharp south Africa and make your plans for the future Western Cape!!!

Western Cape Independence

Western Cape Independence!

Western Cape Independence is the only way we will have anything left in South Africa!!! The ANC is fitting and the factional battles are growing!!! All groups are now joining in the fight for independence!!! We are very happy with the people and organizations that are taking the fight to all the necessary places!!!

Cape independence is the only way forward we have left if you choose to stay in South Africa!!! The corruption and factions in the ANC have broken this country!!! 27 years we hoped for a better country!!! By voting for the Cape Party we can make a country for all the minorities!!!

Follow these groups to know what’s going on in this space!!!

We support all the groups that want the same thing! But it is clear that one needs to vote for the Cape party which is within the system already!!!



There are a few civil organizations doing a great effort in the fight to secede!!! These are in no particular order:





Let’s grow the awareness and movement day by day! There may be no other choice left for us!

Please subscribe for newsletters and monthly letters and updates or make a comment on the website and join the community!!!


More info about Cape Independence coming soon!!! Follow this website and our Facebook page for more info on the Cape independence movements!!!


western cape independence
Join the Cape Independence party!!!



Western Cape Independence News and Stories!!!

The Decline In Big Metros


The Western Cape Independence movement is growing in all directions!!!

Yes, we are growing in numbers and people are open to the idea!!! Mense raak walker lings en regs!!! Ja just had to put Afrikaans in there too!!! The new cape of good hope will be for everyone in the country lets make that clear too!!!

Western Cape Independence other website

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