Western Cape Independence!

Western Cape Independence is the only way we will have anything left in South Africa!!! The ANC is fitting and the factional battles are growing!!! All groups are now joining in the fight for independence!!! We are very happy with the people and organizations that are taking the fight to all the necessary places!!!

Cape independence is the only way forward we have left if you choose to stay in South Africa!!! The corruption and factions in the ANC have broken this country!!! 27 years we hoped for a better country!!! By voting for the Cape Party we can make a country for all the minorities!!!

Follow these groups to know what’s going on in this space!!!

We support all the groups that want the same thing! But it is clear that one needs to vote for the Cape party which is within the system already!!!



There are a few civil organizations doing a great effort in the fight to secede!!! These are in no particular order:





Let’s grow the awareness and movement day by day! There may be no other choice left for us!

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More info about Cape Independence coming soon!!! Follow this website and our Facebook page for more info on the Cape independence movements!!!


western cape independence
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Western Cape Independence News and Stories!!!

The Decline In Big Metros


The Western Cape Independence movement is growing in all directions!!!

Yes, we are growing in numbers and people are open to the idea!!! Mense raak walker lings en regs!!! Ja just had to put Afrikaans in there too!!! The new cape of good hope will be for everyone in the country lets make that clear too!!!

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