Cape Independence-Decline In Big Metros

The decline in big metros is really getting very bad. There are many reports of water and roads infrastructure getting worse by the day!!! We here at western cape independence did a great road trip to Durban. The demise is clearly visible all the way!!! The is no water in the eastern cape and the poor people that voted for the ANC is worse off than ever before!!!

Western Cape Independence is coming…

Reading this article will shock you or tell you how bad it really is! Things are falling apart in one of the biggest metros in the country because of the corrupt ANC cadres!

Read that article from the politics web and you will know things are bad!!!

Just so glad we are in the Western Cape! But we don’t have much time left to change things around!!!

The corrupt ANC cadres are coming for the Western Cape too and there will be nothing left if we don’t make a quick plan to escape from them!!!

Western Cape Independence will be the only thing we have left in this country to save ourselves from the ANC corrupt Cadres!!!

Join the movement, think for yourselves and bout your future if you want to stay in this country!!! VoteĀ Cape Party in the next local elections as we need more seats! And also they are the only party that want s independence for the western cape!!!

People say it will never happen but unfortunately for them, we might not have any other choice 5 years down the line!!!

Here is a quote from the article: “What is Johannesburg today? Technically you could argue it is a city. But only technically. In truth, it is just an idea. On the ground, in its homes and businesses, its parks and shops, it is a battleground, where you fight to keep up the pretence of order, in the face of an ever-encroaching entropy that has taken on a life of its own. Ultimately there will only be one winner. ”

Check sharp south Africa and make your plans for the future Western Cape!!!

Western Cape Independence

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