Western Cape Independence Drive!

 Western Cape Independence Party in Capetown!

Yeah, the Cape Party has been rocking it out this weekend in Cape town! This year will be different at the polls! More people are waking up to the idea of Western Cape Independence as the last option we have left!

The ANC is corrupt and has ruined the country, brought it to its knees! The Cape has been the last man standing in almost 30 years fighting against the new regime!!! The end is near in total chaos or Western Cape Independence for the win!

The Cape wants its Independence and we are here to help!!!

You decide at these municipal elections and in the next official elections! The Eastern Cape is moving into the Western Cape faster than we can build and create jobs! The Eastern Cape is falling apart because of the ANC and they are coming here! Let’s close our borders, let’s build a new Cape!!!

western cape independence!

Join the Cape Independence Party and get the newsletter for more info! Look at their mandate it is really the true Cape that we ALL want! ALL equal and moving forward together!!! We are voting very soon and it will be a very important vote for South Africa!!! The Cape Independence Party have rebranded and it’s going to make a big difference now!!! I am glad that we decided to make the change if it says more now in the name of what we want.

We will be voting on the 1 of November and it will be a great day in history for the Western Cape!!! Make sure to invite your friends to our Facebook page and our website!!! Share it with friends and family it s it the only way we will make this happen in the near future!!!

Western Cape Independence-Facebook Page

Here you will have more updates regularly about what is going on in this world and the Cape of Good Hope!!!

Cape Independence-Decline In Big Metros

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