Independence for the Cape is the Clear Winner Once Again!

Independence movements are growing in the Western Cape!!!

Western Cape clean audit and top spot in the country!

The Western Cape hands down once again got the top spot for clean audits in the South African government! This is not surprising at all and has been like this for the last few years!!! Read the article below and learn what we all know in the Western Cape! Things work here and money gets spent on things that need it!


Western Cape Independence for the prosperous future of the Cape!

Western Cape Independence is the new movement that will be on everyone’s lips in the next few years!!! Join us at the Cape Party for more info on the movement!!! We will have a truly free and prosperous Cape for all the minorities in the area! Everyone will be equal and have the same rights! No more BBEEE and contracts and tenders going to corrupt Cadres from the north!!!

Western Cape Independence

The Western Cape is the best-run province in the country!

The Western Cape is the best run province ins the country! Here things work as they should and the money goes where it should! I am very proud to be in the Western Cape province. We need to break the DA run majority and start voting Cape Party so that we can force the DA to run a referendum in the near future, where we as the people of the western cape will have a vote to leave south Africa!

Western Cape Independence will happen because we will not have a choice!

Western Cape Independence will happen because we will not have a choice! Things are falling apart in the north very fast! Just look and ask other people from there! I ask you how much longer you are going to hope for a better future!! Start voting Cape Party now so that we can work from within the system to make things better!!!

Things are falling apart very fast indeed in the North!

Check out the Western Cape Independence new BlogPost at the bottom!!! They have more info and interesting articles there as well!!

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We have no future with the ANC in charge of the Western Cape!!!

And in fact, we have been struggling under them! Things would have been way better already were we in charge of our own transport and electricity!!! The only province in the country that is ready with money to put up Green Solar projects can you believe it!!! Yes, we have municipality’s that are ready with the money to start building their own green power!!!


Please Vote for Cape Independence Party to make a difference in the Cape!!!

western cape independence!


Western Cape Independence!


4 thoughts on “Independence for the Cape is the Clear Winner Once Again!

  1. I support the idea 100%. That being said, how are you going to handle the immense migration coming your way. This will include me and my son. Will there be job opportunities? What are your policies on this and where can I learn more. How can I make a difference?

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