Cape Independence News and Stories in the Western Cape!

western cape independence!

Cape Independence News and Stories and there is a lot of new stuff going on in this country! There are scams, there are quadrillions disappearing from the state or some other conspiracies!!! You name we have it in South Africa!!!


Now, this is where we come in with the Western Cape Independence movement!!!

Things have not been getting better in this country!! For 27 years now we all have hoped for a better South Africa! Each year we all get more disappointed!!!

Try the latest from the communist ANC cadres!!! They want to prevent the private couriers to deliver parcels below 1kg! Can you believe it is crazy! Similarly, another very good reason to say good riddance to south Africa! We will not win with them!

There is a lot of new things happening in Cape Independence News!


Firstly things are not getting better anywhere in this country!!! We need to make the Western Cape the new South Africa we all believed in! Secondly, the time is running out to do so! In these municipal elections, we all need to vote for the Cape Party the only one that wants independence!!! Let’s make our voices heard and force the DA to a referendum!

Western Cape is going independent in the near future!

Here is the latest from the Cape Party Facebook page!!! This clearly explains what we are working towards!!! It looks like the best method forward! Thus, here we can really change things and make things work better and faster!!!

Go check out the Cape Party Website as well for more info on the topic! It is the best new system for the Western Cape Independence movement!!! The Western Cape will be so much better off without these Anc cadres destroying our beloved western Cape!!!



Western Cape Independence!

So most of us want a better South Africa but we can all see that it’s not going to happen! So let’s work together and make things happen here in the Western Cape!!! Join our Facebook page and invite others to join us!!!

Facebook Page-Western Cape Independence!


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