Western Cape Devolution Movement for the win!

Welcome to the new Devolution Movement in the Western Cape! Many organizations have pulled together from the New Western Cape Devolution Group! Below is the official announcement from the Western Cape Devolution Working Group!

This is really huge, firstly have a look at all the organizations that have pulled together! Even the DA is with us now! Secondly, together we will make it happen one day the Cape of Good hope will be again! Lastly, it will be that which it has always been in history beacon of light at the end of the world!!!

western cape independence!

Yes, the Western Cape is making news around the country!!! In fact, Twitter was trending the day it came out !!! Please get as many friends and family involved! We can only do this together and put a new government that works for all in place!!!

Independence for the Cape is the Clear Winner Once Again!

Western Cape Independence has come along way and we are only starting now! It is very important that everyone goes and vote in the next elections!!!

Watch the video below and learn about the new group!!!

Western Cape is going independent!

This is the last resort for all of us that still wants a country to live in that prospers! Many people say it will never happen but as things fall apart slowly there will be no other option left to us!!! The new Western Cape will be the true rainbow nation!

Western Cape Independence

Western Cape Independence Vote for Western Cape Independence!!![/caption

Follow the Cape Party and go check out their website!!! They have very good information on the site and we support them fully! They are the only political party already within the system! They have been going for many years now and have recently started growing very fast!!! More people are waking up to the idea of Western Cape Independence!!!


Cape Independence News and Stories in the Western Cape!

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